Jimmy Jimy O'Rourke everyone knows his name

Jimmy  Jimmy O'Rourke everyone knows his name !

For the Hibees that are going back to Edinburgh for the final we thought it would be a great idea if we could all meet up at the Hibs supporters club in 11 Sunnyside just off Easter road. It would be great if we could all catch up and have a few swallies and sing a few songs. We are thinking of 7:30pm /8pm on the Thursday evening 17th of May. Jimmy O'Rourke and his wife Anne are coming down to club to meet us. So lets give them an aussie welcome.


I have spoken to the Hibs club and we will have no problem getting in just say you are from the Australia branch.


A few of are hoping to go for some food to line our stomachs but have not decided where. we will keep you via facebook and when I get a number over there I will let anyone who is interested know.