Dan Mcmichael



Anyone looking for omens for the cup need look no further than the last manager to win the Scottish cup for Hibs was Irish.

I read somewhere that there was a curse put on Hibs winning the Scottish cup and it would not be lifted until another Irish manager lead Hibs.

Dan McMichael (circa 1860 — 6 February 1919)

was an Irish manager, treasurer, secretary and physiotherapist of the Hibernian during the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. He is the only manager to have taken charge of Hibs in two separate spells, being the first manager of the club from 1900–03 and returning in 1904 after Phil Kelso left for Arsenal. He subsequently held this position for fifteen years, also making him the club's longest serving manager to date.

McMichael, who was a sprinter in his youth, helped revive the club after it was threatened with closure during the early 1890s. He became the club's manager in 1904 after the club became a limited liability company, which meant that the team was no longer run by committee. He was effectively the manager before then as well, and he led the team that won the Scottish Cup in 1902 and the Scottish league championship in 1903.

McMichael served as Hibs manager and in other capacities until his death in 1919 from the great Spanish flu pandemic